Monitoring Made Easy

Monitoring Made Easy:

Program Input Equipment (PIE) Racks

Whether you require ancillary equipment and input monitoring equipment to be assembled and tested at our factory, and/or installed at the transmitter site – we have the skills, know-how, services, and experts to make it happen successfully.

You can make monitoring your signal both efficient and effective by purchasing your Program Input Equipment direct from us.

We can provide you with all your equipment needs, such as:

  • Distribution Amplifiers
  • Jack Fields/Patch Panels
  • Video Processing Amplifiers
  • Test Generators
  • Satellite/ Microwave Receivers
  • Remote Control Units
  • Demodulators
  • Power Meters
  • Switchers
  • Stereo Generators
  • Modulation Monitors
  • Audio Monitoring Equipment

We will customize your PIE configuration and install it for you in a separate cabinet/rack – depending on your specific broadcast needs.

Whether you’re investing in equipment for a new transmitter, or for your existing transmitters – we can incorporate the customized equipment into your PIE cabinet for maximum monitoring performance. This is ideal for integrating and updating new technologies for your broadcast signal. We specialize in pre-wiring your PIE cabinet for on-site installations, and will test it for optimum performance and fit.

Our technical experts excel with experience – ask us about our custom PIE solutions and how you can make monitoring on-site easy.