Exciter Switching

Exciter Switching Options:

Increase Your Broadcast’s Versatility

At LARCAN, we understand that the power of your broadcast depends on your transmitter’s exciter; it is the fuel of your on-air signal.

To ensure complete coverage, ultimate reliability, and functional versatility in the event of an unforeseen exciter failure, consider the security of exciter switching.

Knowing that the essence of flawless on-air time is the result of integrated planning – many of our customers purchase a second exciter and an auto-changeover unit for greater redundancy and versatility. With dual exciters, programmed for effective exciter switching, broadcasters can depend on LARCAN’s auto-changeover unit to switch exciters as needed. Our custom exciter solutions could mean the difference between securing a revenue generating signal and not. Ensure your broadcast’s best with flexible exciter switching options.