Design & Implementation

Design & Implementation:

Custom Design Configurations – Fit for the Life of Your Signal.

LARCAN excels at designing and implementing broadcast systems with a difference – that difference is you. We develop and install systems specific to your individual requirements, for solutions that fit.

LARCAN’s unique custom patch panels, mimic panels, switching racks, channel combiners, and precise frequency control and offset options combine innovation with proven application. In developing custom configurations with you, we also supply custom-fit diplexer and traplexer arrangements. Our traplexer is based on LARCAN’s own diplexer design with the added built-in feature of a unique colour subcarrier image trap. A traplexer eliminates unwanted noise to improve the strength and clarity of your broadcasting signal.

Our dedication to ‘customer fit’ engineering enables us to, together with you, provide progressive functionality and performance from the product to application process.