Coverage Planning & Prediction Analysis

State-of-the-art Coverage Planning & Prediction Analysis

We offer innovation in custom coverage prediction and analysis – to give you insight into what you need and what your options are in determining the best coverage approach for your broadcast.

  • Site Availability
  • Goal-related
  • Growth Strategies
  • System Optimization

LARCAN uses CRC-COVLAB – an advanced simulation software that performs RF coverage prediction, transmitter network design, and interference analysis.  CRC-COVLAB is a new generation of software resulting from the most current research being done in coverage prediction and system modelling.  It has the ability to model real-life behaviour of the system, and uses advanced receiver modelling.

All broadcasting standards can be modelled using CRC-COVLAB, with multiple receiver models available as well as all of the typical propagation models.  Field strength, service reliability, interference analysis include a few of the results available using this advanced software.

LARCAN can perform analysis and prediction for single frequency networks, specific to your coverage area and help you design a transmission system tailored to your needs and your future growth requirements.

*CRC-COVLAB was developed by the Communications Research Centre Canada (CRC), a centre of excellence in information and communications technologies.