LARCAN and Axcera Equipment Support, Maintenance and Re-channeling


For Immediate Release 2/22/16

LARCAN and Axcera Equipment Support, Maintenance and Re-channeling

Unique Broadband Systems Ltd. (UBS) is a Canadian multinational, privately owned and operated company that specializes in design and manufacturing of complete digital transmission systems as well as individual components for digital audio and video broadcasting. With its head office and the main manufacturing facilities located in Canada. Unique Broadband Systems Ltd. is well-known worldwide for its strong focus on research and development. Most importantly, however, UBS is recognized globally for its uncompromising approach to producing state-of-the-art satellite, military, television and radio communication equipment, such as power amplifiers, transmitters, receivers, modulators and an array of passive components/waveguides.

UBS’s addition of the LARCAN’s intellectual property allows UBS to be the only legal entity able to provide software, hardware upgrades and maintenance with the original equipment specification and quality which is included in every LARCAN product world wide. This IP ownership allows for OEM service and life cycle maintenance as well as design and manufacturing of new and customized solution for the entire LARCAN product line.

We are excited to offer existing and new LARCAN customers authentic equipment that proved itself through the years as reliable, cost-effective, and easy to maintain solution for all your broadcasting needs. To guaranty and preserve excellence associated with these products, UBS secured key LARCAN engineers and support technicians, all of whom are available to you 24/7.

Moreover, with FCC plans for spectrum reallocation in the near future, many of you might be looking for a reliable partner to assist you with rechanneling ,conversion or complete replacement of the existing transmitter system. To thank you for your loyalty over the years, UBS would like to offer all LARCAN and Axcera technology owners early bird rechanneling discounts which can be discussed with any of the UBS support staff.

For immediate assistance please contact the UBS team members below.

David Kantrovitz: 905-669-8533 ext: 169 or e-mail at
Sheryl Richmond: 905-564-9222 or e-mail at
Alex DelMistro: 905-669-8533 ext: 224 or e-mail at
Kevin So: 905-669-8533 ext: 230 or e-mail at