Solutions that Stand Apart

Broadcast Solutions That Stand Apart

Our broadcast solutions are the ultimate in the industry. Driven by purpose and fueled by you – our solid design, superior performance, and service excellence is reflected in everything we do.

LARCAN understands broadcasters worldwide. We innovate, design, and manufacture superior Analog and Digital television transmitters for broadcast standards worldwide. Our product lines include LARCAN Solid State VHF, UHF, and high power IOT transmitters – giving you the power you need on-air. So, no matter where you are broadcasting in the world, LARCAN has the right solutions to fit your requirements. We offer transmitters in power ranges from 1 watt to 100 kilowatts, and specialize in a full range of related services, accessories, and custom solutions for the broadcast industry. As a successful innovator, LARCAN has been producing state-of-the-art broadcast transmitters and equipment to the Canadian, U.S, and world markets since 1951.

LARCAN, Your Best Digital Fit – Every time
LARCAN’s Digital UHF and VHF product lines include a full range of innovative television broadcast transmitters, using LARCAN’s own proven Solid State technology.

We bring you the best in Digital TV and digital transmitter technology from start to service – our products are customer driven, and purpose designed for optimum performance. Each of our Digital products – from Solid State to IOT-based high power transmitters – incorporate LARCAN’s leading-edge technology and reputable experience to ensure the highest quality broadcast signal. Whether you’re looking for low power or high power digital broadcast solutions – we deliver high performance, quality, reliability and serviceability – made-to-measure for you! Built for broadcast standards worldwide, LARCAN’s Digital products deliver the clear and consistent results broadcasters are looking for. LARCAN, a better digital fit.

LARCAN, Experience Analog at it’s Best
Trusted, tested and true – LARCAN’s Analog product lines combine technological innovation with over 60 years of experience in the analog television market.

LARCAN’s Analog product line includes a full range of high performance TV broadcast transmitters, using LARCAN’s own proven Solid State and broadband LDMOS technologies. With LARCAN, you can expect a superior signal – delivered ‘Loud and Clear’ – every time. Each of our products and services are driven by what we call LARCAN ‘customer-fit’ engineering – we believe that the best of what we do is shaped by you, our customers. This ‘customer-fit’ focus is the result of our strength in communication, our expertise, skills, and our team approach to creating the right fit between our products and your application.

Each of our low power and high power transmitters/translators – from Solid State to IOT-based technology – are designed to ensure the best broadcast signal possible. That means, uncompromised quality, high performance, reliability, and serviceability. Field proven for digital broadcasting, we provide optimum strength for your analog signal – making your future transition to digital a smooth and successful one.