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Company Profile

LARCAN is a full service Broadcast Solutions company. We innovate, design, and manufacture Digital & Analog TV transmitters for wireless and broadcast standards worldwide.

Our product lines include LARCAN Solid State VHF, UHF, and high power IOT transmitters, as well as LP and FM transmitters and translators – giving you the power you need on-air. So, no matter where you are broadcasting in the world, LARCAN has the right solutions to fit your requirements. We offer transmitters in power ranges from 1 watt to 100 kilowatts, and specialize in a full range of related services, accessories, and custom solutions for the broadcast industry.

As a successful innovator and international broadcast solutions company, LARCAN has been producing state-of-the-art broadcast transmitters and equipment to the Canadian, U.S, and world markets since 1951. Globally renowned for the quality of our transmitter designs, reliable performance, and continued service excellence, LARCAN’s service reputation is the best in the industry.

Our commitment to providing customers with exceptional long-term service, parts, and custom service solutions worldwide – defines how we do business well – our service promise is one of excellence from ‘start to service’.


LARCAN became a member of the LeBLANC Group in 1981 when the employees of Canadian General Electric (CGE), in conjunction with LeBLANC & Royle, purchased CGE’s broadcast division. As the only Canadian manufacturer of high power radio and television transmitters, LARCAN has been a major supplier of both transmitters for over 60 years worldwide.

In fulfilling the needs of broadcasters, our corporate mission is to continue both efficiently and cost-effectively to create and develop new innovations in broadcast communication technologies. Our success in exceeding these objectives from the product to application level has enabled us to maintain a substantial share of both the domestic and Americas transmitter market.

In addition to our continued technical innovation and service success, LARCAN also prides itself on manufacturing the custom components of each transmitter we produce. With our strength in transmitter design, development, and delivery – our customers are ensured of the long-term innovation, development, support, and availability of LARCAN system architecture they need.

LARCAN’s complete commitment to delivering the best to our customers means we take pride in and responsibility as your single source of expertise and experience in the broadcast industry. We ensure our customers’ continued success by developing broadcast solutions that integrate our expertise, experience, and your unique needs.

Looking For a Better Fit?
Our broadcast innovations provide the ultimate in fit. The product of communication at its best – our broadcast solutions combine our expertise, experience, and your unique needs. Because the best of what we do is shaped by you – each of our products and services are developed from ‘start to service’ through LARCAN ‘customer-fit’ engineering.

We offer a wealth of optimized solutions and services designed specifically with you – taking your broadcast from today to tomorrow seamlessly. So, while the future of communications technology continues to change, our focus on clearly communicating with you enables superior products and integrated applications. Our ‘customer fit’ focus is an integral part of every solution, one that only LARCAN can deliver with the ease, experience, and expertise broadcasters deserve worldwide.