Encore Series – IBOC FM Solutions

Encore Series
IBOC FM Translator
25W to 250W

Encore Series - IBOC FM Solutions

IBOC FM Translator

Encore Series
Applaud Innovation.

Customer driven and purpose designed for optimum digital FM performance –
we bring you innovation in FM broadcast technology from ‘start to success’.
The Encore Series is a complete IBOC FM translator solution – combining field proven translator and linear amplifier technology. The first digital FM translators of its kind, the Encore Series is feature rich with proven performance.
Applaud Innovation. The technology driving Encore was developed through combining specialized television and radio broadcast design techniques. Incorporating TV transmitter amplifier designs and applying them to digital radio, the Encore IBOC FM Translator delivers unrivaled digital FM radio quality sound.
The Encore IBOC FM Translator Series is designed for FM stations leading the way to digital by implementing IBOC (In-Band On-Channel) digital radio rebroadcast operation. LARCAN’s innovative Encore Series is a complete solution to meet all the needs of your future digital FM radio business.
The Encore Series is available from 25W to 250W, providing an affordable and complete IBOC FM translator solution.

Encore Series - IBOC FM Solutions1
25W – 100W FM Amplifier

Encore Series - IBOC FM Solutions2

‘LARCAN True Technology’ is a symbol of our renowned broadcast technology. Our award winning designs and technology ‘inside’ is a unique and integral part of all our broadcast solutions. We bring you new digital broadcast technologies from Digital television to Digital Radio and beyond.

Encore Series
IBOC FM Translator
25W to 250W


Extensive Power Range
Power Levels from 25W to 250W (Separate Linear Amplifier)

Superior IBOC FM Performance & Coverage
Integrated Features & Adaptable to Meet Your Rebroadcast Needs

Capable of all Standards in Analog FM and IBOC Digital Radio.
Proven technology meets the stringent rebroadcast criteria adopted.

Field Proven for Digital
Encore Series is a complete system including: IBOC FM Translator and linear FM amplifier. Choose FM amplifier from 25W-100W or 100W-250W.

Broadband Design, Frequency Agile
Encore Series innovative translator system design employs unique transmitter amplification stages. Enables receiving of low level IBOC signals and rebroadcast without any degradation.

Fully Regulated Power Supplies

Compact and Reliable

Integrated Cooling System designed for extreme conditions