M Series – Revolve (ATSC)

M Series - Revolve (ATSC)

M Series – Revolve
Digital / Analog Solid State VHF Transmitter

1kW to 20kW and beyond
M Series – Revolve Series captures the best of both worlds – integrating our renowned VHF combined with new digital technology, renewed style, features, and options. M Series Revolve is the evolution of our Digital / Analog VHF Series.
Revolve. Take another look at the original in VHF design.

* Worldwide Standards
– Full Power Range in Analog or Digital

* State-of-the-art Broadband Design
– Fault-tolerant Stripline PA Architecture

* Integrated System Diagnostics
– Extensive Remote Control & Monitoring Capabilities with
New In-SiNC Software

* Linear Power Supplies
– Rugged & Reliable