Digital VHF


LARCAN Digital VHF The ultimate in ruggedness and reliability – LARCAN’s Digital VHF product line combines our field proven design with the unique opportunities of digital broadcasting.

Working with you to bring you the best in Digital TV and digital technology from start to service – our products are customer driven, and purpose designed for optimum performance. All of our Digital VHF transmitters are designed with LARCAN’s world-renowned broadband Solid State technology, FET-based amplifiers, and unique broadband stripline combining techniques. Together, these innovations deliver the ultimate in linearity and performance in digital television broadcasting.

LARCAN makes your transition to digital a smooth one – providing you with the high performance, quality, reliability and serviceability – you’ve come to expect from our products and services. Available for broadcast standards worldwide and made-to-measure for you – our low power and high power digital solutions ensure your signal remains ‘Loud and Clear’.

Please link to each of our Digital VHF product series and explore the best in digital design, brought to you by our reputable broadband technology and precision performance focus. Here, you’ll find the detailed product information you need – from design and development to an up-close look at why our products deliver loud and clear.