MXD Series – Low Power UHF

MXD Series - Low Power UHF

MXD Series

1 Watt to 1kW

The MXD Series of low power transmitters / translators delivers digital at its best – with the high performance and reliability your broadcast deserves.

Developed and built with the same renowned LARCAN design and quality of our high power products, the MXD line seamlessly melds proven technology with rugged and rich digital delivery. A compact design with clear and consistent results – the MXD Series is the best choice for broadcasters looking for the premium in made to measure digital UHF broadcast solutions.

State-of-the-art digital modulator for optimum performance
Broadband Design, Frequency Agile
Same High Performance LDMOS technology amplifier design used in high power product lines
Field proven for digital operation
Simple Modular Design
Rugged/ Linear Ferroresonant Power Supplies
Integrated cooling system designed to meet extreme conditions

LARCAN 8VSB transcoder image_rev P7231739 copy

Digital 8-VSB REGEN Transcoder / Exciter
Selects and Corrects 8-VSB DTV Signal

For DTV Broadcast Repeaters / Translators, Cable, Microwave & STLs

LARCAN’s 8-VSB REGEN Transcoder is an award-winning, innovative, high performance, reliable and cost-effective solution – built for Digital 8-VSB Translator Networks, everywhere.

The transcoder provides 8-VSB translator technology – extending digital television coverage to remote / rural areas. A modular and compact design with clear and consistent results – our 8-VSB REGEN Transcoder is the best choice for broadcasters looking for an innovative digital broadcast solution.

LARCAN 8-VSB REGEN Transcoder / Exciter
Digital Progress. Possibilities for Everyone. Anywhere
For Digital Translator Networks

Frequency Agile – Channels 2 through 69
Regenerates Input Signal to Broadcast Quality
External Standard 44MHz 8-VSB IF Loop for Added Versatility
Ability to Pre-Correct Linear Distortion
Simple Front Panel Display & Menu
*Optional ASI Input
Frequency Agile – Channels 2 through 69
Field Proven Stability:
Output Power Stability
Frequency Stability
Temperature Stability

24 x 7 Service Support

The 8-VSB REGEN Transcoder is a complete solution built for digital translator networks. A digital solution for your broadcast needs now and into the future – the transcoder is designed for 8-VSB DTV broadcast repeaters / translators, cable, microwave and STLs – anywhere.

A reliable and high performance design backed by extensive field testing and proven results ensure you a superior digital signal.

main station

main station

LARCAN 8-VSB Transcoder Design –
Integrating digital innovation with field proven technology.