Landmark (IOT) – NTSC

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Landmark (IOT) – NTSC

Landmark (IOT) - NTSC

Landmark (IOT)

25kW to 240kW

Our Landmark Series of UHF IOT transmitters is designed for power, precision and performance – the ultimate in analog broadcasting from 25kW to 240kW strong. Built for broadcasters that demand a serious IOT-based high power transmitter. LANDMARK continues to make its mark as the premium standard, delivering outstanding performance through solid design and superior quality. Upholding the LARCAN tradition of the best in performance products from ‘start to service’, LANDMARK integrates unique LDMOS technology with advanced control architecture unique to your broadcast needs. Landmark – Rugged. Reliable. Renowned.

  • High efficiency IOT
  • Driver based on LDMOS technology for superb linearity
  • IOT protection and control circuitry, including:
    – Regulated beam supply to ensure consistent performance
    – ‘Soft Start’ circuitry contributes to increased tube life
    – Ultra-reliable vacuum gap crowbar protection
  • Keyed interlock system meeting IEC215 safety standards
  • Distributed Control Architecture
  • Multiple microprocessors use advanced ‘bulletproof software’
  • Fibre optic control interconnects for noise immunity
  • Ease of installation and maintenance
  • Superior dependability
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    *NOTE: Landmark (IOT) Series also available in PAL. Please Contact Us for further technical information.