Custom Solutions

Custom Solutions


LARCAN’s custom solutions are continually designed with you and for you – to fit your unique broadcasting requirements and situations. They are a result of the genuine care and attention we provide our customers with everyday – because we’re listening to you. Here, you’ll find our passion for our customers – reflected in what we do, through and through.

Explore customized LARCAN switching, installations, system configurations, and transmitter equipment options – all unique to each product and exclusive to our award winning transmitter design and innovations. We offer a wide range of solutions and services built for versatility, and custom fit for your specific needs and optimum performance. So, as your broadcast needs change, we will be there to help you make successful transitions to new broadcast technologies – whether maintaining, updating or optimizing. Our ‘customer-fit’ focus is an integral part of every solution.

Explore the many LARCAN Custom Solutions – available to incorporate in your transmitter solution.

In-SiNC – Remote Control & Monitoring Software


Remote Control & Monitoring Software


In-SiNC, On-Site. Anywhere.  


In-SiNC Remote Control & Monitoring Software is an innovative option for every LARCAN Broadcast Solution, enabling you remote access to monitor and manage your broadcast sites worldwide.



* Manage Transmitter Facilities Remotely

– Control & Monitor Your Broadcast Sites over Local Networks or Internet


* Real-time Monitoring and Alarms

– User-friendly Interface and Features


* Complete Diagnostics with Fault Logging and Problem Tracking

– Detailed Data Collection with Efficient Display and Navigation


* Secure Access

– Password Encryption and Multiple Security Profiles


Monitoring Made Easy

Program Input Equipment (PIE) Racks

Whether you require ancillary equipment and input monitoring equipment to be assembled and tested at our factory, and/or installed at the transmitter site – we have the skills, know-how, services, and experts to make it happen successfully.

You can make monitoring your signal both efficient and effective by purchasing your Program Input Equipment direct from us. We can provide you with all your equipment needs, such as:

  • Distribution Amplifiers
  • Jack Fields/Patch Panels
  • Video Processing Amplifiers
  • Test Generators
  • Satellite/ Microwave Receivers
  • Remote Control Units
  • Demodulators
  • Power Meters
  • Switchers
  • Stereo Generators
  • Modulation Monitors
  • Audio Monitoring Equipment

We will customize your PIE configuration and install it for you in a separate cabinet/rack – depending on your specific broadcast needs. Whether you’re investing in equipment for a new transmitter, or for your existing transmitters – we can incorporate the customized equipment into your PIE cabinet for maximum monitoring performance. This is ideal for integrating and updating new technologies for your broadcast signal. We specialize in pre-wiring your PIE cabinet for on-site installations, and will test it for optimum performance and fit. Our technical experts excel through experience – ask us about our custom PIE solutions and how you can make monitoring on-site easy.

Custom Installation & Planning

The Ultimate in Application: Innovate how you implement your Broadcast Solution with our Custom Installation and Planning Services

LARCAN’s Applications Engineering and Technical Services experts will design and plan the optimum installation for you.

At LARCAN, our Installation Service team is driven by excellence in our approach to design. We take the time to make sure your transmitter needs are the right fit, from product to application and develop unique solutions – given your space, cooling & air handling, electrical, grounding, ergonomic, and operability requirements. Because our strength in installation planning ultimately results in your broadcast’s productivity, we also specialize in installing your transmitter along with all ancillary equipment you’ll need to optimize your broadcast.

Alternatively, if you need LARCAN’s technical expertise, we provide a full range of technical services to supervise your installation and subcontracting work. LARCAN – we aren’t simply a transmitter manufacturer, we create complete solutions based around your needs, for you and with you!

Exciter Switching Options

Increase Your Broadcast’s Versatility: Exciter Switching

At LARCAN, we understand that the power of your broadcast depends on your transmitter’s exciter; it is the fuel of your on-air signal. To ensure complete coverage, ultimate reliability, and functional versatility in the event of an unforeseen exciter failure, consider the security of exciter switching. Knowing that the essence of flawless on-air time is the result of integrated planning – many of our customers purchase a second exciter and an auto-changeover unit for greater redundancy and versatility. With dual exciters, programmed for effective exciter switching, broadcasters can depend on LARCAN’s auto-changeover unit to switch exciters as needed. Our custom exciter solutions could mean the difference between securing a revenue generating signal and not. We hear you. Loud and clear.

The Right Configuration

Transmitter Redundancy Options

Whether you’re maintaining, reorganizing, updating, or optimizing your transmitter needs – LARCAN provides the means and expertise to create configurations right for your broadcast. We can supply and configure your transmitters in both main/alternate configurations, or in parallel-redundant configurations using contactless switches (switchless combiners), or coax switching. Our Technical Services and Application Engineering teams can work with you to design your transmitters in any configuration you require -optimizing your flexibility, operability, and versatility. Because our approach to design is reflected in everything we do and how we do it, our custom configurations maximize both the performance and integrity of the broadcast solution we build we for you. Whatever your needs, we’re listening.
Design & Implementation

Fit for the Life of Your Signal: Custom Design Configurations

LARCAN excels at designing and implementing broadcast systems with a difference – that difference is you. We develop and install systems specific to your individual requirements – solutions that fit.

LARCAN’s unique custom patch panels, mimic panels, switching racks, channel combiners, and precise frequency control and offset options combine innovation with proven application. In developing custom configurations with you, we also supply custom-fit diplexer and traplexer arrangements. Our traplexer is based on LARCAN’s own diplexer design with the added built-in feature of a unique colour subcarrier image trap. A traplexer eliminates unwanted noise to improve the strength and clarity of your broadcasting signal.

Our dedication to ‘customer fit’ engineering enables us to, together with you, provide progressive functionality and performance from the product to application process.