Analog UHF


Trusted, tested and true – LARCAN’s Analog UHF product line combines technological innovation with over 50 years of experience in the analog television market.

LARCAN’s Analog UHF product line includes a full range of high performance TV broadcast transmitters, using LARCAN’s own proven Solid State and broadband LDMOS technologies. With LARCAN, you can expect a superior signal – delivered ‘Loud and Clear’ – every time. Each of our products and services are driven by what we call LARCAN ‘customer-fit’ engineering – as we believe that the best of what we do is shaped by you, our customers. This ‘customer-fit’ focus is the result of our strength in communication, our expertise, skills, and our team approach to creating the right fit between our products and your application.

Each of our low power and high power transmitters/translators – from Solid State to IOT-based technology – are designed to ensure the highest quality broadcast signal possible. We go beyond the rest to deliver the best products and services in the industry – creating a better ‘fit’ for you. That means, uncomprimised quality, high performance, reliability, and serviceability. Field proven for digital broadcasting, we provide optimum strength for your analog signal – making your future transition to digital a smooth and successful one.

Please link to each of our Analog UHF product series and experience how our optimized approach to design and technology can meet your broadcast needs with precision performance. Here, you’ll find the detailed product information you need – from design and development to an up-close look at why and how our products deliver loud and clear.