Broadcast Solutions


LARCAN – Your Broadcast’s Best, Every time

Communication drives us – it’s what we do, it’s who we are, and it determines our success in making your broadcast signal thrive on air. We bring you the best in broadcasting solutions – so you can deliver your picture ‘Loud and Clear’ – every time.

Successful Solutions

So, what makes LARCAN stand apart from the rest in the broadcast industry? It’s simple – our solutions, our skills, our passion, our customers. Our success is a combination of our innovation in design and broadcast technology, our dedication to technical excellence, and our unique commitment to providing you with optimized solutions. That means, solutions designed specifically for you – your market, your needs, and your broadcast requirements, on your terms. We call this ‘customer-fit engineering’.

LARCAN’s ‘customer-fit engineering’ is a result of our strength in communication, our expertise, skills, and our team approach to creating the right fit between our products and your application. Whether you’re looking for digital television, analog television, or FM broadcast solutions – We hear you. Loud and clear. We go beyond the rest to deliver the best products and services in the industry for you.

We encourage you to explore our many Broadcast Solutions. Select the broadcast area you are interested in above – Digital UHF, Digital VHF, Analog UHF, or Analog VHF – and link to our product series and custom solutions.